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Carolina Rubiella

Carolina Rubiella is nursing manager of nephrology department and coordinator of the nurses area of the Vascular Access Program in the Nephrology Department of the Parc Tauli Sabadell University Hospital in Barcelona, Spain. Secretary of Spanish Multidisciplinary Group on Vascular Access, (GEMAV). Member of Catalan Multidisciplinary Working Group on Vascular Access, (GRUMAVCAT) Responsible for the nurses training in ultrasound use for needeling, maturation control and pathology diagnosis in hemodialysis unit. Organizer and coordinator of various national and international workshops and courses about VA ultrasound and ultrasound guided cannulation. Teacher in various courses giving theoretical and practical classes about VA care,vascular access ultrasound and ultrasound guided cannulation.Teacher in vascular access workshops in national meetings and in the EDTNA/ERCA meetings .Tutor of practices of various nursing students and Erasmus students and postgraduates in nephrology nursing Communications in national and international congresses related to nephrology and VA and coauthor in VA research project. Guest speaker about vascular access and it’s management in national round tables.Author and collaborator in various national and international oral presentations and posters about hemodialysis and VA . Author and collaborator in various national and international articles about hemodialysis and vascular access. Author of one capther of the book :Handbook on ultrasound for vascular access examination. From the specialist to the nurse Research activity on VA in the projects of the Vascular Access Program of Parc Tauli Hospital endorsed by Ethical and Clinical Research Comittee of Parc Tauli Universitary Hospital, mainly in vascular access ultrasound surveillance and hemodialysis catheter monitoring.

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Nursing role in the vascular acces team through doppler ultrasound

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