Photo: Hideki Kawanishi

Hideki Kawanishi

Dr. Hideki Kawanishi is the vice president and the director of artificial organs & surgery of Tsuchiya General Hospital, Hiroshima JAPAN. He has been an active clinical surgeon for past 40 years and nephrologist for 30 years. He is managing over 1,400 chronic dialysis patients include 200 peritoneal dialysis patients in addition to maintaining acute kidney failure program. His research for HD has focus on the super high flux dialysis include online HDF modality, and for PD on the pathophysiology and treatment for encapsulating peritoneal sclerosis (EPS), with over 300 successful surgical cases, and clinical usefulness for complementary dialysis (hybrid PD and HD) to maintain log-term PD. He has published over 160 international articles in the field of HD, PD and artificial organs. He is a president of Japanese society for dialysis access (JSDA), also organized JSDT, JSPD, JSHDF (president), ISBP (president) and associate editor of Blood Purification, Journal of Vascular Access, & editorial board of Peritoneal Dialysis International, Moreover, he is a position of steering committee for PDOPPS international.

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